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IMG_0394Features and properties of the materials used in the manufacturing of our products.

The high quality of our products is the result of careful selection and tailoring of the materials. We use first class materials which results in our products being comfortable and long lasting.

First, we use the finest quality suede or leather as a finishing material on slippers or on mittens. We apply these directly to the sheepskin which increases its resistance to wear. It is important to apply a finishing material on the sheepskin that is a very porous leather, especially on those areas that will be subject to the greatest wear.

On our flat models (without heel), the sole is made from a 3 mm thick cowhide which makes our slippers much more resistant to wear.

On our models with soles and heels, we use 6 mm of an anti-slip material (either rubber or ethylene-vinyl acetate – EVA). This material is sufficiently flexible and slip resistant to provide you great comfort as well as allowing you go out in wet conditions without fear of getting the leather wet as is the case with the flat models. They are perfect for after-sport activities or as interior shoes for people who work at home (cocooning) because the home office is often found in the basement where the floors are usually colder for the feet.

However, we can only claim that we have selected the right materials and the right design because the products we use have special properties that can only Mother Nature can take the credit for.

WHY? I will explain.

First off: Leather or suede?

Both leather and suede possess air permeability. This allows your feet to breathe by evacuating the sweat more easily than synthetic products can. Your feet stay dryer in your shoes, your booths or in your leather slippers.

Although rigid at the beginning, the flexibility of leather and its ability to mould to the feet results in a very comfortable fit after using the shoes, the boots or the slippers for a short time.

The choice of thickness, colour and suppleness of the leather is very important in the making of our products since the first thing that you notice, of course, is the exterior and its design.

And so, no matter how good the exterior looks, we must make sure that we use the best materials for the interiors. Some will use leather for a more standard slipper, but we use sheep skin for the warmth you get and this is more appropriate for our winters.

Sheep’s wool has its own special properties and this is why when you wear woolen garments you feel so good, winter and summer. I will briefly explain what these properties are.

Sheep and sheep’s wool:

Fabric manufacturers around the world try to reproduce the virtues of wool without ever having equaled its comfort. Nature has given animals protection against the cold and the heat and the first defence is their furs. Here are the virtues of sheep fur that we call WOOL.

Wool is a fibre that has the properties of maintaining the body temperature constant, whether it is very hot or very cold outside. This property doesn’t change even if the wool is wet because the fibres are hollow. Like thousands of small tubes, they store the body’s heat to create an almost perfect insolation and whatever the exterior temperature, the body always remains at the same temperature. Even wet, these small tubes, filled with air and not water, maintain a constant temperature.

When you wear clothing made of wool (socks, underwear, etc.), you immediately feel the warmth and, furthermore, perspiration isn’t absorbed by it but rather evacuated outward along the hairs filled with heat. This is why wool is the fabric of choice for socks by construction workers and army personnel.

Our woolen products can therefore be worn summer and winter.